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My family and I needed to move from Virginia to Florida. We had originally booked our move with another company, but when I called in closer to the time of pickup to add a small table, the new quote price was nearly doubled the original price!! I did a bit of research and came across Daly City Movers CA. I called in and spoke to one of their representatives. He took down my entire inventory and the table actually made the quote go down. I booked the move with them and from pickup to deliver the company was timely and extremely helpful.

In a move where everything seemed to go wrong, the movers were right. They showed up on time, were friendly and courteous, worked hard, treated our belongings with due care, and dealt with all the hiccups and unexpected glitches thrown at us by the disorganized property manager in our new building. And when it was all done, the charge was what they said it would be.

These guys are awesome. Most painless move ever. Honest, careful, considerate, and efficient. They wrapped all of our furniture nicely, even with one of our couches having a leg problem that they tried to resolve. They moved ALL of the furniture with ease. They did manage to compensate me 2 hours for the move, so I am thankful they helped me out with that. It was very kind and appreciated. I hope they're still around next time I have to move!

I called Daly City Movers CA for a move in February, They were wonderful! He and his staff were quick, hard-working, efficient and helpful. This was a temporary move to a storage unit until our new apartment is ready. I will be calling him in a few weeks to move from storage into the new place! Hands down, one of the best and fastest moves I've ever seen. No more friends helping, thanks again!

We moved with Daly City Movers CA and the move went right on schedule, it was perfect to a point. The items that we had relocated were pretty fragile and I was intending on having a bad move. That wasn't the care in any way, it was just so pleasent. Thank you to the guys at this company for giving my wife and I a good move, thank you thank you.